Presentation Training

People like to work with those are confident. You can give them that confidence with a good presentation.

When you work on your presentation, you realize that you get stuck in a few places and don’t know what to do next. By removing all your blocks, you will feel more confident of yourself when you are in front of your audience.

Is this where you get stuck?

-You find it hard to express what you want to say in simple, clear sentences.
-You lose focus and don’t know how to bring your presentation back on track.
-You don’t know how to move through points, causing you to speak with hesitation.

How you will give a good presentation

In a few hours I will teach you to master the three elements of giving a good presentation:

♦ Message       ♦ Appearance       ♦ Delivery

(At the office we like to call them The “MAD” Elements)

The best way to learn is to act as if you are delivering a real presentation. In the training, you will give a series of mock presentations that we will record on camera. We will then discuss these recordings so you know what’s working and what you can improve. This will also remove any fear or shyness you may have to speak on camera.

Get people’s attention from the moment you face them
and keep them engaged throughout.

The MAD elements of a Great Talk or Presentation

Message        Appearance        Delivery

Message: Your message is the heart of your presentation because that is what your audience responds to. If it is not clear and compelling, it will not interest people to take the next steps you want them to take.

You will learn how to:
✓ Prepare messages that are clear and compelling
✓ Create a flow to lead your audience to action.
✓ Remember your points to speak without stalling


Appearance: People like to work with those who appear confident. So how you “appear” in front of them is an important aspect of your presentation.

You will learn how to:
✓ Look confident and in control
✓ Stay focused, not go off balance
✓ Deal with tough questions and comments


Delivery: You will present on many platforms – phone, conference room, video or stage. So you will need you to adapt your voice and body for each place.

You will learn how to:
✓ Use props for support when needed.
✓ Walk the room / use the video screen.
✓ Sync your message and body movements.

To discuss a custom training for you or your team, call +91 7738439975 or contact us here.

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