A media interview is one of the most powerful ways to build and maintain your company’s image. When news about your company is reported by a third party (like the media), it carries a lot of credibility. Therefore, the more your company is seen in the news, the more it will be perceived as a leader in your industry.

Media spokesperson training will prepare you to confidently deliver successful interviews and press conferences. In a media interaction, you do not have any control over what you will be asked or what will be reported. But you do have control over what you say. By knowing how to give a good media interview, you will be able to provide the right answers while conveying the messages you want.

Media Training Company Spokesperson

What you will learn in the program

Media Training Kais Rahimtulla
  • How to develop and remember your messages.
  • How to answer precisely while conveying the messages you want.
  • How to appear confident and in control.
  • How to express your messages better.
  • How to respond to questions you didn’t expect.
  • How to avoid being dragged into a controversy.
  • How to get on to the media’s list of industry speakers.

(To know how to handle media in a crisis, go here.)

Training Method

This is a hands-on practical training program in which I will work with you through a series of mock media interviews while being recorded on camera. Each of these interviews will be played back and discussed so we know exactly what you need to improve upon. By doing this, any hesitation about speaking into a camera will also disappear.

Once you are comfortable with being interviewed on camera, you will learn the techniques of preparing precise messages to answer various types of questions that you may be asked. What you say is the most important part of any media interaction because eventually, that is what your audience will react to.

At the end of the training, you will have a complete system of how to prepare for and confidently face the media at any opportunity.

Communicate with Clarity, Confidence, and Command.TM
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become a strong media/company spokesperson.

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