Be prepared

When a crisis strikes, it can get a lot of public attention. People will want to know what’s going on and the media will be at your doorstep before you know it. While you cannot control what the media will ask, you do have control over how to respond. The right response can help to prevent news from going out of control.

Media Crisis Training will show you the steps that can help to keep a story in control before it controls you must be prepared. This is so you give the right answers to questions while sharing the messages you want.


This is an interactive training in which you will
● Understand the media environment in a crisis
● Know how to make a response system
● Learn the techniques to speak to the media that include how to
– Prepare and remember your messages
– Give precise, clear answers while conveying what you want
– Avoid traps or lead media into new probes
– Appear calm and in control
– Have the appropriate “look” (Dress, Posture, Expression).

The best way to learn how to give a good interview is to act as if you are giving one. During the training, you will give a series of mock recorded interviews which we will discuss so you know what’s working and what you can improve.

A crisis can strike anytime. Are you prepared to face the media?

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