Managed Training and In-house Programs

After training, people must try out what they learned as often as they can. If they don’t, they will forget and return to where they started. Sometimes people need more training time to feel confident to try what they learned.

To get the most the value from your investment in training, you may want to consider managed training and in-house program support.

Managed Training

Under managed training, your team learns in stages, so their learning is thorough. Many people don’t have the time to train for a few hours at a stretch, nor can they focus on the same subject for so long. Instead of trying to make people absorb everything in one session, they can learn in two or more as required.

Training over more sessions will allow them to focus better and give them time for their other work of the day. We will monitor each stage and create a progress and practice report, so your team has a complete process for improvement.

In-house Programs

We can support your in-house training with content that is relevant to your company and industry. This will enable your colleagues to “speak the language” you want them to speak with your stakeholders.

You may also want to review your current training content to make it clear and easy to understand. We can review it and recommend how you can update it to suit your business. This will also help your trainers speak with more clarity and command.

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