When a crisis strikes, it can get a lot of public attention. People will want to know what’s going on and the media will be at your doorstep before you know it. While you cannot control what the media will ask, you do have control over how to respond. The right responses can help to prevent news from going out of control.

Your key executives must know how to respond to media in a crisis. This media training program will show you the important steps you must follow to respond to the media in a crisis situation. Advance preparation can help you protect your company's reputation by having control over a story before it controls you.

A crisis can hit your business anytime. Are you prepared to face the media in a crisis?
Crisis Media Training Kais Rahimtulla

What you will learn in the program

Media Crisis Training
  • Understanding the media environment in a crisis.
  • Policies and practices to respond to the media.
  • How to quickly develop and remember your messages.
  • How to respond precisely while conveying the messages you want.
  • How to avoid traps or leading media into new probes.
  • How to appear calm and in control.
  • How to cooperate with, not alienate the media.
  • How to proactively keep the public informed.
  • How to speak confidently on camera.

(For advanced media spokesperson training, go here.)

Communicate with Clarity, Confidence, and Command.TM
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