When people contact your organization to ask about it's products and services, the way in which your team responds influences those people's decision to give you their business or not.

All companies ensure that their customer response team has the right “technical knowledge” to answer questions about their business. However, some do not prepare their team to have persuasive conversations that can lead potential clients and customers to buy.

Persuasive conversations are dialogues that influence people to enter into a relationship with your organization. Customer Response Training will teach your team advanced communication techniques for more influential conversations with customers.

Lead customers to buy with persuasive conversations.

Customer Response Communications is a project-based consulting and training service that covers:


Discussions with key people to identify areas for improvement.


Review and rework of relevant responses for different occasions.

Communication Training

Witness a new team of persuasive communicators.


Documentation of communication policy.

Feedback & Testing

Dress rehearsal of your new system.


Rewarding your team for having the right attitude for growth.

Customer Response Training will help people across
your organization have great communication skills.

Your employees interact with vendors, investors, associates and colleagues in various departments. One of the best ways to build excellent relationships of trust and cooperation with people is to communicate with them as if they were real customers.

Customer Response Training can help people across your organization communicate better, whatever level of seniority they are at. Companies that have people who communicate well with internal and external stakeholders are far more productive than those who don’t.

Customer Response Team
Communicate with Clarity, Confidence, and Command.TM
Contact me here to discuss how I can help your team
have persuasive conversations with customers.

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