Ideas to stand out among your peers.

Why you must be confident to write your message, even if you don’t need to write for your business.

We connect with people at work every day by speaking and writing. Though we do both, some prefer to speak while others like to communicate through writing.

Though you may prefer to speak, sometimes you cannot avoid writing for your business. Examples are articles, website pages, press notes and plans. Or you may need to write a speech or prepare for a presentation. Read more …







Why you should train to speak to the media, even if you are not a company spokesperson yet.

You may not be a company spokesperson today, but you may need to speak for your company in the future. When people see you in the news and other public platforms, they perceive you as an expert in your domain.

To speak on behalf of your company is one of the most admired positions in the corporate world. If you intend to have a top leadership position in your company, try to get on its list of spokespersons. It will support your growth strategy. Read more …