“If two people have the same knowledge and talent, the one more likely to stand out and grab the leadership spot is the one who communicates better.”

Hello, thank you for visiting my page.

In thirty-five years of helping companies talk about their business, I have worked with many brilliant people. We did some great PR, marketing, and Ad campaigns together, and I will always value what I learned from them.

There were times I felt bad to see people not get the leadership positions they wanted and deserved. Though they were great at their work, they never stood out over their peers because they were poor communicators. That’s when I often thought about starting a training business to make people Great Communicators.

When I moved out of my last job with a premier PR company, I did not pursue my plans for a training business. Instead, I started advising on Marketing Communications because it was easier to start from there.













My first business, KRA Mastership, was rewarding and I learned many things about being out on your own. The good thing was that I also got to train people for media interviews and presentations. (It still amazes me how people do not think it is important to write and speak with clarity. It is what makes them appear less confident in front of people!)

In 2019, I moved my focus to teach and advise on how to write and speak better.

At C School for Great Communicators, I offer:
Training Programs: Write With Ease, Speak With Clarity, Presentation Training, Media Training.
Consulting: Managed Training and In-House Programs, Content Management.

I live in Mumbai with my mother, wife, and children. My day starts with two sets of tennis. I love my great city and look forward to the evening ride home on Marine Drive, listening to blues and classic rock. I prefer beach holidays and the US is my favorite place to visit for work and leisure.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Kais Rahimtulla
C School for Great Communicators