“If two people are equally qualified and
capable, the one who is more likely to stand out,
be heard, and grab the leadership spot, is the one who communicates better.”


In over 30 years in the advertising, marketing and public relations industry, I’ve been privileged to work with many wonderful people and organizations.


In this exciting journey of helping businesses market themselves better, I realized that no matter how great your knowledge, products or services are, you must be able to convey your proposition clearly and persuasively to get people’s interest and attention.


Sadly, many of the people I deeply admired and had become very fond of, didn’t make it to the leadership positions I expected them to because they lacked one of the most important traits that leaders have, which is, the ability to communicate with Clarity, Confidence, and Command.

I often thought about how I could help individuals and companies improve the way they communicate with their audience. You know, like transform them into Great Communicators, This desire was deepened in the last 10 years of my “employee” life with a great Public Relations company in India when I frequently trained senior executives to deliver successful media interviews and press conferences. (And yes, I’ve seen people squirm with the idea of addressing a shareholder meeting, face the media or telling it like it is to their own colleagues. All of these behaviors weakened their opportunity to build their business or personal reputation.)

My first business, Market Mastership, was started with a colleague from my last job to offer marketing communication strategy and content services. In the struggle to get the business off the ground, survive some really bad new entrepreneur mistakes, yet continue to deliver top quality work, my dream to help people become great communicators seemed to fade into the background.


The dream is back on the table. October 2018 is the launch of a brand in my name to help business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and organizations communicate like leaders so they may have a more influential effect on their audience. I build on their unique communication style to develop simple but effective systems to write or speak clearly and persuasively for any occasion.

On the personal front, I live in Mumbai, India, with my mother, wife and three children. I guess some of my pictures reveal that I’m fond of food which I try to offset with a little tennis every week. I love our great city of Mumbai and look forward to the evening journey home along Marine Drive Bay listening to blues and classic rock. Of all the places God has blessed me visit many times across the world, my preferred choice is always the US for its best of everything rolled into one.

Welcome to C School for Great Communicators.
Learn the lifetime secrets to Communicate with Clarity, Confidence, and Command.TM