Great Communication  is your most powerful support
to always help you get what you want.


Communication mastery training programs
for great speaking and writing.


Communication strategy and content
for business growth.

With over thirty years in advertising, marketing and public relations, I’ve had the privilege to work with amazing people and organizations who showed me the power of great communication for leadership and success.

Great communication power is easy to achieve. I help executives, professionals, postgraduate students and organizations build and deliver great communication so they can get what they want.

I provide this through training and coaching for various communication needs that include making powerful speeches and presentations, media and spokesperson appearances, client and customer engagement, content development for business promotion. My programs are customized practical workshops that will make you master the three elements of great communication: Clarity, Confidence and Command. (All programs include a Certificate of Successful Completion for participants.)

My Consulting Services help small and mid-size companies have the ideal communication strategy and content to attract customers and close more deals.

I look forward to helping you with your communication for success.

Kais Rahimtulla
Founder & Head of Communication Mastery
C School for Great communicators



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